Blockchain Technology Protection

If you are the owner of a business, you and your team should be up-to-date on the groundbreaking innovations associated with blockchain technology, especially within the realm of intellectual property.

What is a Blockchain?

Blockchains offer a way to substantiate ownership and priority without having to rely on institutions that set their own terms. They do not require the use of middlemen like patent offices, large banking institutions, or even notaries. As a result, they can be used as a way to register digital works, contracts, images, etc.

The blockchain technology behind Bitcoin and other companies supports more than just cryptocurrencies. Recent innovations have made it possible to build applications that are blockchain-based and can be utilized in an array of business sectors. For example, these applications can be utilized for a variety of transactions such as real estate agreements, oil and gas purchases, agriculture tracking, product manufacturing origination and so forth. There are also implications and opportunities for intellectual property rights.

For intellectual property, blockchain technology is likely to create new opportunities for protection. Examples include the following:

Registry for Intellectual Property

Blockchains utilize innovative time-stamping schemes that enhance the security of intellectual property records and related assets. This may lead to reduction in IP challenges and disputes. In fact, many start-ups in the blockchain sector are working on blockchain services tailored to IP registration. As these services grow, it will likely lead to new applications that can then be created on top of these blockchain services to make the sharing and revision of IP records more efficient.

Improved Authentication with Blockchain

A multitude of blockchain applications are being developed to improve the detection of counterfeit or fake consumer goods (e.g. clothing, cell phones, watches, diamonds, etc.). The developing applications will allow a company to better track and authenticate the goods they create and sell to the open market.

Enhancement of Intellectual Property Contracts

Company contracts and records can be enhanced through the blockchain. This could help end the problems associated with backdated invention and assignment records. This could help improve the reliability of IP record and benefit the owners of intellectual property.

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