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Contracts are an integral part of defending any brand’s intellectual property. It is important that brands are aware how to enforce IP rights and prevent misuse. To minimize the risk of possible IP infringement, formal legal agreements should be used and communicated well so there is no question who owns the intellectual property and how it can be used by others. Traditional and non-traditional legal agreements can be negotiated and drafted to a brand’s specifications to best ensure that a brand owner’s intentions and rights are being protected.

Spending hours upon hours reading and reviewing the terms of a contract to determine whether a violation has occurred is not the optimal use of a business owner’s time and efforts. At The Brand Protected®, our goal is to make sure that you maintain focus on building your business, expanding brand awareness and creating efficient products and services.

Through one-on-one legal counseling, OUR team will become YOUR team in order to protect your business through legal agreements, even if you are just starting out.

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Our experience spans various sectors including consumer products and apparel, professional services, education, construction, retail, publishing, media and entertainment.

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Including Sole Proprietorships, LLCs, Corporations, Partnerships and more.

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Including Operational Agreement, By-Laws, Partnerships, Joint Ventures and more.

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Including Consulting Agreements, Sales Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements and more.

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Including Terms of Use, Privacy Policy,
Terms and Conditions, Medical Disclaimers,
Ecommerce Agreements,
and more.

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Including Trademark and Copyright Assignments, Licensing Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements, Non Disclosure Agreements and more.

Legal Help with Business Transactions

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What business entity is right for me?

It depends! There are different entity structures that serve a variety of purposes. Which business entity is right for you depends on:

  1. who will own and operate your business;
  2. what kinds of liabilities your business plans to take on;
  3. where your business will operate; and
  4. how you wish to pay taxes on the income your business earns.

By talking through all of your business plans and goals with an attorney, you can be sure to select the right business entity for you and avoid any unintended liability or tax consequences.

How do I know what contracts my business needs?

Most businesses need contracts that govern the transaction they perform. If your business sells goods or services, you will likely need a contract to support that transaction. If your business purchases materials or resources from other businesses, you will likely need contracts to cover that, too. If you want to hire employees and contractors, that’s another good indication that you need a contract.

Contracts come in all shapes and sizes and can protect you in transactions and business relationships from the smallest sale to a multi-million dollar deal.

What types of agreements need to be in writing?

To be safe, basically all agreements should be in writing. If you are relying on another person or business to do something for you, a written record is one of the only ways to ensure that your business is protected.

Without a written agreement, it will be nearly impossible to enforce contracts or protect your business from losses. Even if you do not have written contracts for every business agreement, please make sure that you solidify all agreements in writing via email, text message, or handwritten note.

What type of relief am I entitled to if there is a breach in contract?

There are two kinds of relief that you may be entitled to if someone else breaches your contract. First, you may be able to enforce the contract and force the other party to perform the service, provide the goods, or complete the transaction agreed upon in the contract. If that is not possible, you can recover financially from breach of contract.

A carefully-crafted contract will have these specific remedies laid out in writing prior to entering into a business agreement. By identifying potential remedies prior to entering into a contract, you and the other party agree to certain kinds of relief if certain breaches occur.

Can I use an online automated legal service to purchase templates?

Please, don’t! While online automated legal services are everywhere, they are never an adequate substitute for working with a real, live, experienced attorney.

As attorneys, our job is to carefully examine your specific circumstances, goals, and plans, and provide legal advice about your best course of action. A big part of this legal advice is pointing you to the right kinds of documents, contracts, and business structures that will meet your needs. Once the correct course of action is identified, an attorney can customize legal documents to suit your particular goals.

We have seen so much go wrong for businesses who decide to save money by using automated legal services and templates.

What do I need to get started?

To get started with a business attorney to help you with any of your legal business needs, simply click here to schedule an appointment with The Brand Protected®.

In advance of your scheduled meeting time, please gather your business’ organizational documents (if you have any) as well as any other official communications you have received from the state and/or the IRS. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure that you have everything in order before our meeting, that’s why we are here to help you!



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