Your brand is an ASSET.

You have worked hard to build a distinctive brand and likely want to remain focused on growing your business rather than focused on intellectual property infringement, disputes and contractual agreements. We understand, and we are here to help. Why should you work with us?

Personalized Guidance and Support

Our team partners with you to develop a suite of swift-action protocols and tools that align with your personal assets and company’s brand protection strategy. Through one-on-one legal counseling, OUR team will become YOUR team in order to protect your business, even if you are just starting out. Our legal practice handles all aspects of corporate structure formation, non-profit set-up, trademark, copyright, trade secret and estate planning matters for a wide variety of clients. We serve clients ranging in size from mid-sized corporations to individuals, startups firms and “solopreneurs”. Our experience spans various sectors including consumer products and apparel, professional services, education, construction, retail, publishing, media and entertainment.

How We Protect Your Brand: Contracts

Spending hours upon hours reading and reviewing the terms of contracts to see if a violation or breach has occurred is not the optimal use of a business owner’s time and efforts. With The Brand Protected®, our goal is to make sure you maintain your focus on building your business, expanding brand awareness and creating efficient products and services. Our legal team specializes in drafting, reviewing and enforcing organizational contracts, including the following:

  • Corporate agreements (Operational, By-Law, Partnerships)
  • Confidentiality agreements;
  • Consulting agreements with third parties;
  • Independent contractor agreements;
  • Joint venture agreements;
  • Licensing agreements;
  • Non-disclosure agreements;
  • Sales agreements;
  • Terms and Conditions;
  • Website privacy policy agreements;
  • Third party solutions such as Amazon, Customs and Border Protection, etc. and
  • MORE!

Immediate Action Against Potential Infringers

When a possible threat to your brand is discovered, our team stands ready and able to take enforcement actions to protect your precious legal rights. We can take swift action by thoroughly investigating the conflict, generate appropriate action-based strategies, and initiate effective countermeasures against infringers and other nefarious actors.

The Value of Retaining a Brand Protection Agency

Take a moment to think about the efforts you have put in to make your business a success. You have worked hard and made your brand a business asset. Your brand has become a genuine promise about the quality of your services or product. Considering the value of your brand, you should take the necessary steps to protect it. Imagine learning that some other company or individual is using your brand name? What if you were working to build a brand only to learn that the brand elements were already owned by someone else? You probably have insurance to protect your office space and other components of your business. Similarly, brand protection is, in essence, insurance for your company’s brand.

Have Questions? Contact The Brand Protected®.

As a small business start-up, you deserve and need to have your brand protected to ensure the long-term viability of your business. With The Brand Protected®, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your brand, including your intellectual property and company contracts, are in order and secure. Your business will be protected by a team of highly experienced and skilled counselors. We will provide sound legal and business consulting, personalized and detailed contractual agreements, and protection of your company’s intellectual property. You should focus on improving and growing your business without worrying about a competitor harming your brand or using your IP. That is where The Brand Protected® comes in.

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