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Brand protection is critically important and valuable for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Putting in the hours and “sweat equity” to build a successful business is difficult, time-consuming work. Whether you are the manufacturer of a product, or you are providing a particular service, the reputation of a business is a key factor in attracting and securing new clients or customers to ensure that a business grows. This is why brand development and brand protection is so important. 

The theft of intellectual property has become rampant with the proliferation of the internet and digital services. Numerous services and products are exposed to intellectual property theft.

Together with experienced intellectual property professionals, our brand protection strategies utilize the legal tools available to protect your intangible assets such as:

Your company trademark(s);

Your company copyrights(s);

Your company’s patents;

Trade dress;

Trade secrets; and/or

Personal data provided by your customers or clients; and/or

Exception to the no generics trademark restriction

Brand protection is not a “one-size fits all” service. We understand how key markets operate and are able to drive strategies that influence your brand’s approach to IP protection and meet the needs of your business assets. Our strategies vary according to the needs of each individual brand that we work with, but may include tools available through, the USPTO, the U.S. Copyright Office, Blockchain Protection, Business Transaction and Contracts, Online Enforcement, and Brand Monitoring. We will work to identify the needs and vulnerabilities within your organization and take appropriate steps to secure your brand assets.

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Including Lawyer Drafted Opinion,
Decision Review
and more.

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Filings, Online Protection & Monitoring, Custom Border Protection, Blockchain Registration and more.

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Including USPTO Office Action Responses, Statement of Use, Trademark Renewals, Trademark Opposition and Cancellation and more.

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Releases, Cease and Desist Letters, DMCA & Online Monitoring, Blockchain Registration and more.

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Including Licensing Programs, Royalties, Confidentiality Agreements
and more.

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Including Amazon Brand Registry, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, Disclaimers
and more.

Intellectual Property Information

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What are the different types of Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is broken down into three major categories: trademarks, copyrights, and patents.

TRADEMARKS protect assets that identify your business and its goods or services. These include things like your brand name, logo, signature colors, and more. Get started on your trademark today by filling out this questionnaire and our office will be in touch.

COPYRIGHTS protect works of original content. This can include writings, blog posts, photos, artwork, songs, audio recordings, and so much more. To start working on your copyrights fill out this questionnaire and our office will be in touch.

Finally, PATENTS protect inventions. If you are the original creator of a new invention, you may wish to protect your design with a patent.

What does an intellectual property attorney do?

We aren’t your typical intellectual property attorney. At a minimum, IP attorneys help you navigate the process of applying for and obtaining trademark and/or copyright registrations. That’s pretty much it. However, here at The Brand Protected®, we take your brand and your business seriously.

We provide comprehensive intellectual property services by helping you identify your business’ key intellectual property assets and protect them from all angles. We do absolutely help with applying for and obtaining trademark and copyright registrations, but we also work with you to actively protect your business and its assets as your business continues to grow.

Why is a Search and Clearance Report so important?

When we first start working with a business client, we create a Search and Clearance Report. This report is a comprehensive look into whether the mark you would like to use for your business (whether this is a logo, brand name, or any other mark) is a good idea. We carefully research your business’ mark to make sure that there isn’t anyone else out there using the mark or likely to sue.

We also assess the likelihood of your business’ mark being approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Marks that are likely to be contested by other businesses or rejected by the USPTO are not strong candidates for trademark protection, which can cause a lot of problems down the road.

How long is the USPTO trademark registration process?

The whole trademark registration process takes about 6-12 months. First, we meet with you to learn about your business’ goals and intellectual property assets. Then, we create a Search and Clearance Report. This takes about three weeks to complete. Then, if you decide you would like to move forward, we will submit a trademark registration application with the USPTO.

In general, it takes about 6 months to hear back from the USPTO. They will either accept your application, or they will send a request for more information. If the latter occurs, the trademark registration process can take a little bit longer.

How long is the U.S. Copyright registration process?

The copyright registration process takes about 6 months to complete.

First, we meet with you to identify the original work that you would like to protect (this may be a single work, a collection, or multiple works that are unassociated with one another). Then, we will create an application for each original work to submit to the United States Copyright Office. After your application is submitted, you are asked to submit a copy of the work for which you applied. This can be an electronic copy or a hard copy. Once the application and copy are fully submitted, the USCO takes about 6 months to process and approve the work.

What do I need to get started?

No matter what kind of intellectual property you would like protected, it is best to gather your business’ organizational documents prior to meeting with an attorney. You can also gather any copies, images, or recordings of the assets you would like protected.

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