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5 Great Reasons To Work With The Brand Protected ®

When you hire a lawyer, you aren’t just paying someone to perform a service. As a business owner, you are entrusting your livelihood, and your financial future, with a professional who you hope has the experience and the skill to provide necessary guidance.

At The Brand Protected®, we take our role as trusted advisor very seriously. If you have worked with us in the past, either as a client or a fellow professional, we hope that we not only provided with a professional service but have exceeded your expectations At the Brand Protected®, we strive to become a law firm that continues to grow and innovate for our clients. Here are five ways we are changing the game when it comes to helping our clients build their businesses.

  1. We are specialists, not generalists.

Some firms like to hedge their bets by taking cases in a bunch of different areas of law. We believe in the value of expertise. For us, it is more important to truly excel in a few areas of law rather than to dabble far and wide. Our focus is all things trademark, and we back up our intellectual property practice with 14 years of specialized experience. That means, when you work with The Brand Protected®, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are going to get high-quality legal services that will help you build your business and protect your hard work.

  1. Small firm services with big firm quality.

As a small firm, we are able to provide a level of service and attention to our clients that just isn’t possible for the bigger firms. Each of our clients receives individually-tailored legal services designed to create the best possible outcomes for their businesses. One-size-fits-all is not for us. Our legal services are all about personalization and really caring about our clients and their businesses.

  1. Let’s get it done.

At The Brand Protected®, we are all about communication and efficiency. We believe that, by coordinating our office internally, we can provide the best possible client experience. We know that, as entrepreneurs, our clients’ time is valuable and they don’t have time to waste tracking down an attorney or waiting for a callback. Our firm’s systems allow us to provide efficient, effective legal representation without the hassle. Let’s get it done.

  1. Work with an entrepreneur who gets it.

The Brand Protected®’s founder, Lourdes Hilliard, is a successful entrepreneur, both in her legal practice and as a small business consultant. When was the last time you worked with a professional who actually got it? Don’t waste time trying to get an attorney on your level. We know as business owners, our clients are ready to hit the ground running, create results, and move on to the next thing. In the meantime, did you know The Brand Protected® has a free guide for business owners all about trademarks? It is called “10 Steps: Protect Your Brand Today,” and you can download it by clicking on the site header for some valuable information and a glimpse into our passion for results.

  1. We believe in getting what you pay for.

Unlike most law firms, The Brand Protected® does not charge an hourly rate to talk to your lawyer about trademarking your business assets. Instead, we provide our trademark registration services on a flat-rate model. That way, you know what to expect, and there are no unpleasant surprises. Because we charge a flat fee, you never need to worry about calling with a question or asking for more information. We are committed to helping you understand every part of the process while meeting your business needs with a service that is designed for you. You only pay for what you need, and you can use that certainty to plan your next moves.

At The Brand Protected®, we strive to provide a compassionate and professional environment for each of our clients. We consider our clients friends, and we enjoy building long-term relationships with every business owner we meet. If you are looking for an attorney to help grow and protect your business, please consider The Brand Protected® and our innovative legal services.