Legal Launch Library

Hello fellow creative! So, you’re ready for entrepreneurship? To be your own boss? To share your creative genius with the world? Because, YES, YOU ARE a GENIUS…with a GENIUS idea…about to execute a GENIUS plan. SO, here you are, ready to jump in to your new venture with both feet first. Not so fast! I know, spoiler alert… but follow me here.

As the saying goes: “look before you leap”. That certainly applies when you’re embarking on a business venture. The truth is, a little reflection is a vital step in setting the tone for your creative journey. As a new business owner (or even an established one), you can’t afford to overlook the elements of your business foundation.

The fact is, you’re not just building a business, you are building a brand.

Go ahead, read that one more time.

Your culture, your message, your voice, it all collectively makes up your brand. We, creative entrepreneurs, pour our hearts into our brands, becoming completely vested in each step of the way. This investment manifests into the promise that our brand makes to the world. YOU OWN THIS PROMISE. How valuable is this promise to you? How much is it worth? What would you do to protect it? How would you feel to find out that someone else is capitalizing on your genius idea?

Worse! What if the GENIUS idea and brand elements that you worked so hard to build actually belonged to someone else and you could no longer use them? 

This is why our team has created the Legal Launch Library™ FOR YOU. Inside you will find the resources you need to launch and operate your business while avoiding many of the common mistakes that can kill an entrepreneurial dream before it even starts. From the first moment you access the Legal Launch Library™ you can begin implementing the various elements within to build and protect your brand identity. That’s right creative Genius, you’re on to something, now let’s protect it.

Hiring a team of attorneys and business consultants can be costly, but by using the Library you won’t always need all of those people, and that can save you a lot of money in the long run. You will have unlimited yearly access to the Library AND (it get’s better): As we add more content and resources, you will have CONTINUED FULL ACCESS at no additional cost throughout the year. 

The LEGAL LAUNCH LIBRARY™ contains step-by-step modules and instructions to guide you through your entrepreneurial journey. This includes a collection of tutorials, checklists and templates that you will need for day-to-day operations such as legal agreements and how to file a trademark without a lawyer. You will have an understanding of the laws that affect your business and when to implement them. All resources include instruction on when and how they should be used in a manner that is specifically designed to help you LAUNCH, PROTECT and OWN your brand… and customer PROMISE!


  • Yearly access to the LEGAL LAUNCH LIBRARY™ which will provide you with step-by-step modules on how to legally launch your business and maintain a strong level of brand protection.
  • A set of tools that you can use to legally launch your business and maintain a strong level of brand protection, in the future, with or without the help of an attorney.
  • Launch My Business Checklist and Entity Formation Chart.
  • IRS Forms and Resource List and State Business Offices Resource.
  • Over 15 Agreements such as: Non-Disclosure Agreement, Joint Venture Agreement, Professional Services Agreement, Sale of Goods Contract, Licensing Agreement, Workshop Participant Agreement, Affiliate Agreement, Speaker Agreement.
  • Instructions and templates on completing your organizational document (i.e articles of organization, by-laws, etc.) depending on the business entity.
  • Launch My Product Checklist and Labeling Guide.
  • Protect My Intellectual Property Resource, Register My Trademark Checklist, Trademark Search Checklist, Copyright Registrations Checklist, Copyright Work for Hire Agreement, Copyright Assignment Agreement, Intellectual Property Licensing Checklist and Agreement, Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement, Trademark Violation Letter.
  • Website Terms of Use and Privacy 101.
  • Information on how to conduct brand maintenance and policing.
  • Video tutorials on how to maintain your business operations and protection.
  • Instructions on how and when to use each resource.
  • Regular FAQ for continued practical direction on how to protect your brand.
  • Continued access to this invaluable Library and all future updates during the year.
  • A wealth of resources you won’t find anywhere else for a FLAT RATE.

Take advantage of this resource and let it start working for you. This is the best investment you can make to turn your entrepreneurial dreams into entrepreneurial realities.

Your Brand Can’t Wait. Contact us to take advantage of this exceptional resource and access the Legal Launch Library™ and let us start working on your team.