Brand Protection Lab

Are you an entrepreneur with a unique idea, product or service?
Are you so thrilled about this venture that you want to spend all of your time perfecting it and making it more valuable?
Are you a current business owner suddenly realizing that you should be protecting your business assets?
Are you ready to capitalize on what you offer, but can’t decide what to focus on first?

You’re getting ready to build your brand, and it feels like A LOT of work (because it is). We know what it’s like; finding numerous freelancers, and negotiating several contracts and proposals from way too may firms to count.

We created the Brand Protection Lab for entrepreneurs just like you. The Lab is a boutique experience that combines legal expertise with creative and strategic skills to help you launch your product or service AND protect what’s already yours. In the Brand Protection Lab, we give you the fundamental tools and actions you need for a successful brand life. You will have access to our team who are experts in business, legal and branding basics. 

Launching and maintaining a brand is an adventure full of new beginnings, endings and creative paths. Designing a brand, with all business and legal matters in order, is a lengthy process with many decisions to be made. Maintaining it throughout it’s life is also full of challenges and requires time and expertise. After we both determine that we are a good fit to work together, you will be in our queue your Brand Protection.

The Brand Protection Lab system customizes your branding strategy plan, so you can focus on what you love to do: create. Our team will take care of the business and legal needs to protect your hard work because that’s where we excel. Whatever product or service you are creating, our mission is to ensure your brand is protected.

phase one


First, our team will conduct an brand review to analyze your current assets and positioning. You will complete an in-depth Business Questionnaire and Brand Plan Workbook. Once complete, we will have the information and tools that we need to adequately bring value to your business. Next, we’ll team up to write the strategy for your brand protection and maintenance with The Brand Protection Strategy Roadmap. We’ll also discuss your Comprehensive Intellectual Property Search Analysis Report and Opinion, giving you peace of mind that the name you chose is available to you.

phase two


Here’s where we get nitty-gritty. You can’t keep those genius ideas in your head. Once you review the Brand Protection Strategy Roadmap and Intellectual Property Search Analysis Report, we’ll decide which phase of brand protection should be done right away. After, a thoroughly-researched business name and a business structure, business DBA and industry regulations audit, we will begin the preparation and filing of your intellectual property assets through the proper channels with our legal team. As we move forward in the process, we continuously monitor your application and deadlines.

phase three


We want you to focus on being creative, so in phase three, our team of expert goes to work drafting your complete organizational and/or general legal agreements (i.e. confidentiality agreement, joint venture agreement, consulting agreement, independent contractor agreement, non-disclosure agreement, vendor agreement, sales representative agreement, etc.), website privacy policy and disclaimers, copyright registration, state fictitious name filing, licensing agreements and structure…whatever your brand needs to ensure it’s protection.

The Lab provides personalized brand protection services, so you have fewer worries about the safety and security of your brand. You won’t need to worry needlessly about someone else securing the rights to your customer PROMISE. 



  • Have access to an attorney, as part of the Series.
  • Receive a Brand Protection Strategy Roadmap which will allow you to create a detailed overview of your vision and brand asset protection.
  • Receive Federal, State, Common Law and Domain Name Trademark Search Opinion.
  • Receive legal agreements, personal asset protection or trademark/copyright registration INCLUDING THE REGISTRATION FEE.
  • Get a registered fictitious name filing for your mark INCLUDING THE REGISTRATION FEE.
  • Have access to a skilled team that includes an attorney, business consultant and brand expert.
  • Save time by eliminating your learning curve and allowing us to do what we are good at while you perfect your product or service.
  • Understand the laws that affect your business and when to implement them.
  • Receive direction on how to maintain your brand protected.
  • Get the services you need at a flat rate.

With the The Brand Protection Lab, you will have a business partner assisting you with a complete brand protection from the conception of your brand idea. You will receive personalized legal and business consulting, contractual agreements, intellectual property protection and brand elements so that your brand voice is consistent. You can focus on creating and we will take care of the rest.

The The Brand Protection Lab system gives your business something rare in professional services: a team of legal, business and branding experts, in one placeWAIT, WHAT IF I’M NOT READY TO MOVE FORWARD WITH ALL OF THESE SERVICES IMMEDIATELY? No worries! We will customize your Brand Protection Lab to fit the needs of your business at this time. Whatever phase you’re at now, we can get your brand effectively and efficiently protected, because we provide everything you need to move forward when you need it. No searching and hiring different agencies and freelancers, then hoping to maintain brand consistency throughout the brand building strategy. We eliminate those problems with our Lab team.

Your Brand Can’t Wait. Contact us to get started on this journey to entrepreneurship found in The Brand Protection Lab.




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